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It was 2015 when I was going through some business struggles with a secular business. The people around me were super greedy based off a business idea I put together following some new age thinking / prosperity thinking. My wife and I had success in that business for about 2-3 years but it fell apart pretty quick. The mentality of my top leaders in that company lead my wife and I back to our Catholic faith.

One day, I got challenged by a Non-Denominational Christian asking me “What my walk was like with Christ?” I think he nailed it. I didn’t have one really well or it faded away with the distractions of the world. That’s when he tried to pull me to his way of thinking which didn’t make sense to me. Come to find out, most of us were all Catholic pre-1500 until Martin Luther developed Sola Scriptura (by bible / faith alone you’re saved). I got hungry for truth and I needed to search for it. He asked me where does it say Catholic in the Bible? Why do you worship Mary / the dead? Why this and why that… My response was always “I’m glad you asked, let me dig and find out why.”

You see I use to be this Expert Lukewarm Catholic and I knew all what you’re not suppose to do. So from my perspective, if I get into something and see that’s it’s not working I need to understand why. Maybe it’s the Computer Engineer in me. So I found this program called RCIA at my parish at the time and met this couple. They lead me to Catholic Radio that night and said to ask questions to everyone and learn from these people called Catholic Apologists.

AM1000 Immaculate heart radio was bumping through my speakers everywhere we went as a family. While we worked all day working from home we were listening to it. We were addicted!

Fast forward a few years later, Immaculate Heart Radio got taken over by another radio station. It was suppose to be a merger from my understanding and it turned out to be a take over. The programs that mattered to me most were not carried over. Perhaps it’s because they’re not politically correct enough. That’s just a speculation. Whatever the case is, I knew that these shows that were booted off were making major moves in people’s hearts.

So here I am. I finally decided to put the “band back together.”

For this I am grateful. I really hope you enjoy the shows. May they truly bless you as they have my family.

God Love You,

Cesar Ramirez

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